Education And The Adopted Trends


Education has become one of the main sources for the students to achieve their goals and targets in their lives. There are various streams in the field of education and based on the interest in the students about that particular subject or stream they can choose their career. People adopt various techniques in gaining knowledge. Earlier books and classroom teaching are the only sources for knowledge. But with the introduction of the internet, the bounds to gain knowledge have been extended unlimitedly. From the internet the students and also the people can get the information about anything they want. Even the professional teachers can also refer to the e-books and the other information provided by many other people from all parts of the world. Through this people can not only share their views but also can obtain the unknown information from many other sources like blogs, forums and other groups created especially for these purposes.

Earlier the teachers used the black boards to explain their students and that was the only way through which they can teach their students effectively. But now there are led screens that can be used in presenting the slides so as to explain the students with all possible examples and also in live patterns. This has become an easy way for the teachers to explain their students effectively and at the same time, the students can get attracted to this type of sessions. This can help them to gain the concerned knowledge and it can also stick in their minds as it was inculcated in an effective manner. Slowly the trend of using glass boards in Australia and other boards has been reduced with the introduction of power point presentations and slides.

But still there are few subjects like Mathematics and Science in which the usage of glass boards has been widely used in order to explain the problematic summaries to the students. Even in the universities and other high level institutions, the usage of boards has been continuing even after having all different sources to make the students and others understand the topics. There are few subjects in which the whole class can be taught using oral lectures without using the boards like social sciences. Since from the early days, the teachers depend on these boards to explain their teachings and the students also got habituated to this type of education. In most of the western countries, the trends of the education followed are quite different from that of other parts of the world.

There was a belief that practical knowledge is far more important than the theoretical education and so the companies too prefer the students who gain good knowledge through their project activities rather than their academic records. One may not gain good academic results but still they can have good knowledge about the concerned subject and can handle any kind of practical issues directly without any particular training.